Small, Medium, or Large – There’s a NetSuite Success Story for Every Business

Whether your business is small or large, cloud-based NetSuite has the tools and flexibility to make your business as efficient as possible and drive your growth. NetSuite’s features and functionality allow you to automate many daily tasks, including order processing, inventory, and financial management.

These NetSuite success stories may inspire you as you consider employing NetSuite to improve your business operations.


  • Improved Customer Service and Sales for a Small Business
  • Better Management for a Mid-Sized Manufacturer
  • Supply Chain Management and Streamlined Financial Ops for a Global Business
  • SuiteSciens and Citi bike: A Case Study

Improved Customer Service and Sales for a Small Business

One of the challenges facing small businesses is keeping up with customer service while devoting resources to sales efforts. This can hamstring efforts to keep customers satisfied.

By implementing NetSuite, a small wholesale distribution company was able to streamline and automate many routine processes. The result was improved communications with customers, which helped increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Better Management for a Mid-Sized Manufacturer

NetSuite is a popular choice for mid-sized businesses looking to integrate their front- and back-office operations. NetSuite can deliver automated management processes at a much lower cost than traditional “stand-alone” solutions.

For example, a mid-sized manufacturer improved its forecasting and demand planning through the combination of NetSuite’s financial, inventory, and supply chain tools. The result increased efficiency and cost savings.

Supply Chain Management and Streamlined Financial Ops for a Global Business

If your large business relies on global resources, efficiency and reliability in your supply chain are absolute necessities.
NetSuite’s integrated supply management and financial tools were able to help a global fashion retailer streamline its financial operations while also improving supply chain management. This combination reduced costs and improved efficiency, impacting the bottom line positively.

SuiteSciens and Citi bike: A Case Study

How big a deal is it to rent bikes? If you’re Citi Bike, a national bike-sharing company in cities around the United States, it’s a big deal! And for a bike-sharing company, efficient customer relationships, inventory, and financial management are essential to making the company work.

Like many companies, Motivate Inc – the company behind Citi Bike – originally used multiple, unrelated systems to manage its key functions. This resulted in an inefficient operation and made achieving a comprehensive view of the business difficult.
SuiteSciens helped Citi Bike implement NetSuite in 2013. Since then, Citi bike has seen some notable improvements in operations, including:

  • Improved bike tracking
  • Automation of accounting processes
  • Better customer relations

Citi Bike continues to set the standard for urban bike-sharing companies, and the solid business infrastructure provided by NetSuite and SuiteSciens has been a significant part of their success.

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In Conclusion

Whether your business is small, medium, or large, NetSuite offers competitive advantages to help it grow and prosper, regardless of industry. NetSuite has a proven track record of helping businesses save time, limit costs, improve efficiency, and provide top-notch customer services.

If you’re considering taking your business to the next level with NetSuite, partner with a NetSuite expert like SuiteSciens. We can help you identify ways to improve your experience, stay on top of best practices, and provide the support and guidance you need. Let us know how we can help you improve your NetSuite experience to help your business grow.

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