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Years as Motivate's trusted NetSuite administrators

Kenneth Ezeadichie, CPA

CFO, Motivate

We consistently rely on SuiteSciens for both strategic and tactical help, and they never fail to deliver. We’ve been working with them for many years and they have become one of our most trusted advisors, not to mention their impeccable technical work. When Motivate decided to launch Citibike, the project had a pretty rough start before SuiteSciens came along. They provided reliable support and exceptional service that allowed us all to be more productive and effective. I would wholeheartedly recommend SuiteSciens to any business leader who is looking to get the most from the ERP.

Case Study - Motivate Inc.

Motivate International Inc. had the strategic vision to launch one of the biggest bike share systems in the world, Citibike. However, their disconnected systems created a lot of waste in their operational process that made achieving a successful launch extremely difficult. The company had separate systems to handle accounting, procurement, and client relationships. Those software systems were not integrated and people on the same team were using different systems based on their role. There was no one source of truth and no one had the whole picture of where the project was and how it was really doing. This led to a lot of frustration for the stakeholders. With no clear map of what was happening with each business function involved in the project, the management team was making decisions with no clear data to lead their way – which seldom led to a good outcome.


The Solution

After an assessment of the project to identify the blockers, SuiteSciens rolled up its sleeve to plan and implement the project. Our team filled in whatever gaps were necessary to have a smoother transition to the finish line. We assumed the role of internal Project Manager and coordinated all internal efforts necessary. We also became the internal data Czar, reformatted data for all of the departments, and developed custom records and reports. This allowed all of the business functions to be fully integrated and communicate seamlessly with each other, reformatting data for all departments and trained all users in preparation for go-live.  The SuiteSciens consultants also served as subject matter experts in different areas such as risk and compliance, project management, system customization, and workflow implementation. Lastly, we trained all necessary personnel on how to effectively use their new NetSuite dashboard to better plan and make decisions.

The Results

We successfully helped launch the largest bike share system in North America in tandem with a successful NetSuite implementation. Anyone who has experience with projects of that magnitude knows how difficult they are to pull off, especially in tandem with another project as large as NetSuite implementation. SuiteSciens had to ensure that the whole project ran like a well oiled machine. Motivate was so pleased with our work that after the project, they brought us back to be their primary NetSuite provider. We’ve been going strong for 8 years and counting.
We have since guided them through multiple NetSuite enhancement initiatives as their strategic partners and NetSuite developers. Some of the improvements that we’ve implemented for them have allowed them to thrive as a company. These improvements include: real time access to inventory data across locations using custom reports, controls related to the supply chain process using custom scripts and workflows to drive approvals, tailored financial reports to improve visibility and aid in corporate decision making, and many others.

Case Study Two

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Sergey Roginsky

Puppy Spot, FP&A Manager

"The SuiteSciences team played a major part in guiding the PuppySpot team to achieve a successful NetSuite implementation.  The ability to keep a hectic project organized coupled with timely responses and availability drove the project to be completed on time.   The SuiteSciences team demonstrated a desire to truly understand our requirements which was translated to proper solutions.  At no point did a meeting end with the phrase that can’t be done"

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