Level Up Your NetSuite Development: Essential Chrome Extensions to Install

As a NetSuite developer, you’re constantly striving to improve your productivity, streamline your workflow, and deliver high-quality solutions efficiently. One way to achieve this is by harnessing the power of Chrome extensions specifically designed for NetSuite development. These handy tools can enhance your coding experience, debugging capabilities, and overall efficiency. In this article, we will explore a curated list of essential Chrome extensions that every NetSuite developer should consider installing. Let’s dive in and discover how these extensions can help you level up your NetSuite development game.

1. NetSuite SuiteScript Explorer:

The SuiteScript Developer Tools extension is a must-have for any NetSuite developer. It allows to find a SuitScript file by searching for a specific string within that file. NetSuite SuiteScript Explorer is a Chrome extension designed to assist NetSuite developers in finding scripts with specific functionality. It provides a user-friendly interface for effortlessly locating SuiteScript files that contain a particular string.

2. NetSuite Field Explorer:

Among the array of essential Chrome extensions for NetSuite developers, one that stands out is the NetSuite Field Explorer developed by Michoel Chaikin. This extension is widely regarded as a go-to tool for NetSuite developers due to its ability to provide comprehensive visibility into record fields.

With the NetSuite Field Explorer, developers can effortlessly access and view all the fields associated with a NetSuite record, along with their corresponding internal IDs and values. This valuable feature eliminates the need for manual field exploration and saves developers significant time and effort when working with complex record structures.

By simply navigating to a NetSuite record, whether it’s a standard or custom record, the NetSuite Field Explorer instantly displays a detailed list of fields, making it easy to locate specific fields and retrieve their respective values. This functionality is particularly useful for understanding record structures, troubleshooting data inconsistencies, and validating field values during development and debugging processes.

Incorporating the NetSuite Field Explorer into your Chrome browser arsenal is a game-changer for NetSuite development. It provides you with a powerful tool to navigate the intricacies of record fields and ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the data structures you’re working with. By streamlining field exploration and simplifying data validation, this extension significantly boosts your productivity and helps you deliver top-notch solutions with greater confidence.

3. NetSuite Scripted Records:

 The NetSuite Scripted Records extension allows you to see the customizations deployed to your NetSuite records. This extension will display the User Event Scripts, Client Scripts and Workflows that are running in the record that is open at the moment of opening the extension. It also displays if the script is deployed, its status and preview the script file.

4. NetSuite: Search Export

This extension is a game changer when you need to add a saved search logic to your code. It allows you to convert the saved searches you have manually created in NetSuite into SuiteScript that you can add to your code. It supports SuiteScript 1.0 and 2.X. From the Edit mode of a saved search in NetSuite, click the “Export as SuiteScript” link. This extension is particularly useful during SuiteScript development, enabling you to save a lot of time by creating a complex saved search in NetSuite and getting the code translation in seconds.

5. NetSuite: HTML Script Notes

 The NetSuite HTML Script Notes extension simplifies debugging by allowing developers to visualize object values using JSON.stringify(). This tool transforms complex object data into readable formats, enabling efficient debugging of code. It is particularly useful for developers working with large objects, enhancing their ability to analyze data structures effectively.

6. NetSuite Advanced Field Help

The NetSuite Advanced Field Help extension offers valuable insights into NetSuite list/record fields. It allows developers to view internal IDs and values for specific fields, enhancing their understanding of field configurations. This extension also provides the ability to modify field values directly from the browser, offering a convenient way to test and validate field behaviors.

7. NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts 

The NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts extension optimizes navigation within NetSuite by offering a wide range of keyboard shortcuts. It enables developers to avoid menu navigation by providing quick access to various NetSuite functionalities. Customizable shortcuts and the ability to open items in new tabs enhance productivity and streamline daily tasks.

8. NetSuite Split View 

This extension enables split pane functionality in NetSuite pages. This extension can be very helpful for NetSuite developers when multiple screens need to be reviewed at the same time, it will avoid jumping back and forth between tabs. Initiate split-pane viewing by right clicking on any link within a NetSuite page and selecting “View in NetSuite SplitView”. This action opens the page within the split pane interface, enhancing your browsing experience and saving time.

Finding More Extensions:

Discovering additional Chrome extensions tailored for NetSuite development is simple. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “NetSuite” in the search bar. This will reveal a plethora of extensions designed to enhance your NetSuite development experience. Exploring these extensions allows developers to find specialized tools catering to specific needs, further optimizing their workflows and coding processes.


Incorporating these Chrome extensions into your development toolkit empowers you to elevate your NetSuite development skills. By seamlessly integrating these tools, you can streamline workflows, simplify complex tasks, and ensure accurate and efficient coding. Whether you’re customizing forms, creating SuiteScripts, or working on data integrations, these extensions enhance your capabilities and enable you to deliver high-quality solutions with confidence. Happy coding!

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