Benefits of using NetSuite’s Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

Advanced PDF/HTML templates can be very helpful when you need to add relevant information that is not included on Out-of-the-box or basic PDF templates, and also if you wish to give your own look to the formats you print from NetSuite, such as Purchase Orders, Checks, Invoices, etc.


HTML and the FreeMarket library are ready to be used to adjust the data of your printing formats to the needs of your company. Adding styling with CSS language is a powerful way to customize the look of your printing templates as needed.


Let’s talk about specific uses and benefits of using NetSuite’s Advanced PDF/HTML templates:

1. Data flexibility

Basic templates only print the most common fields that companies usually print on their formats. With Advanced PDF/HTML templates, you can add more relevant information by printing specific fields (standard and/or custom fields) available in transactions.

2. Custom layout design freedom

HTML and CSS can be used to give your Advanced PDF/HTML templates the look and design you need to keep them inline with your company’s branding. You can add images, change font type and sizes, change the position of the printed information, add a custom header and footer, add the colors of your company, and much more.

3. No third-application integration needed

Advanced PDF/HTML Template feature is natively integrated with NetSuite, there is no need to integrate with other applications or customizations. Just enabling a Netsuite feature is enough to start working with this functionality.

4. Use of programming automation and logic

The Advanced PDF/HTML template functionality is integrated with a very useful library known as , which is an open source Java-based template engine that is used to dynamically render text output in various formats. You can use variables, add If/Else logic, loops and do programmatic calculations. FreeMarket has an online manual that can be used to find out everything this amazing tool provides to help customize our printing templates.

5. Uses and Supported Transactions

You can use Advanced PDF/HTML templates for many things, such as customizing the information printed on Purchase Orders you send to your vendors or adding custom fields to the Invoices you send to your customers, or even to adjust your Check template to fit your bank’s pre-printed format.


Here are NetSuite’s transaction types that are supported to use this feature:

  • Bill Payment
  • Cash Refund
  • Cash Sale
  • Check
  • Credit Memo
  • Customer Deposit
  • Packing Slip
  • Picking Ticket
  • Invoice
  • Item Label
  • Payment
  • Purchase Order
  • Quote
  • Return Authorization
  • Sales Order
  • Work Order
  • Custom Records
  • Saved Searches


Every printing format in NetSuite has an Out-of-the-box PDF/HTML template that can be used as a base template to create your own printing formats.


You can go to Customization > Forms > Advanced PDF/HTML Templates to see all standard templates that can be customized. You even can customize templates for custom records you have created. All standard templates can be recognized for its name and the Customize button next to them. When you click on the Customize button, a copy from the original template is created and customizations can be added.


Custom templates can be configured as the Preferred template, so they are selected by default on the specific transaction type. The type of the template shows which transaction it belongs to. Custom templates do not show the Customize button, they show an Edit button instead.


If you would like to find out more about this great NetSuite’s feature please contact us at

Delia Diaz
Delia Diaz

Delia is a Software Engineer with experience in the design, development and implementation of NeSuite ERP software. She is focused on building different solutions based on customers’ requirements.

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